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(Movies/News): Jackass 4 Already On the Way?

I think its safe to assume that everyone though the most recent outing in 3D would be the last, escpecially after watching the credit montage of Jackass over the years as the film ended. Not so fast! Looks like making $50.4 million dollars on opening weekend and setting the record for highest October opening, opened the eyes of our lovable “stuntmen”, or should we say Hollywood studio. It is now being reported that during the filming of Jackass 3D there was enough footage for 2 movies. (Much like they did with Jackass 2.5).

“What is very likely is that instead of actually filming a new segment, [Jeff] Tremaine will take the extra footage that didn’t make it into Jackass 3D and release it as a fourth film. The studio did this with Jackass 2.5 and released it on DVD but seeing the opportunity for a big cash windfall, there are reports that Paramount may turn Jackass 3.5 and into Jackass 4. Whatever the case, expect to see more Jackass as the third film has already more than doubled its budget.” –Mike Sampson

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(Video): Weezer – Memories

Weezer’s new album Hurley will be in stores Tuesday, September 14th. Jackass 3D will be in theatres this October!

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(Movies): The 50 Greatest Jackass Movie Stunts

The list starts with #50, which is the infamous fart mask fish bowl contratption strapped to Preston’s ass and secured on Steve-O’s head. Read the full list at The 50 greatest Jackass movie stunts.

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(Movies): Jackass, The Modern 3D Stooges

In preparation for the upcoming Jackass 3D, the boys did an interview with Vanity Fair. You can read the full article and see more pictures at VanityFair.com

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(Trailer): Jackass 3D

In theatres October 15th.

(Pic): Jackass 3D On the Way!

Jackass 3D in theatres this fall! Read the full story @ First still from Jackass 3D is a new dimension of stupid