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(Short): Nothin’ But A Grind

Short documentary about the 360 Sports Academy. Directed by Richard Cameron White.

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(Video): The Apple Tree

“Khameleon808 created this stunning mix of music and film in what will invariably be one of my top 10 videos of 2010. Music by TV On The Radio, Evil Nine, Nalepa and edIT.” –DangerousMinds

(Short): “Legalize Contraband”

This film was shot, edited, and directed by Kevin Mounce.

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(Short): “Words”

Check out this awesome short film by Will Hoffman and Daniel Mercadante titled “Words”.

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(Short): “Orbit Dirty Shorts: The Dancer”

Starring Arrested Development alumni: Jason Bateman and Will Arnett. This is the second short from their production company DumbDumb.  You can follow Bateman on Twitter. Arrested Development coming soon! (like 3 years at least)

(Short): “Blow My Glass”

“This video features my friend Eric Swartz, a local Glass Blower out of Orlando FL. Its more or less an artist statement for him to try and spread the word about his awesome talent and amazing pieces…I hope this video does him and his work justice…I hope you enjoy!” -Michael Mills, Director