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(Video): How to Roll a Joint w/ Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers in stores now! Shot by Bill Paladino.

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(Music): M.I.A. Releasing “Vicky Lekx” Mixtape on N.Y.E.

“Maya announced via her Twitter that she will be dropping a new mixtape titled Vicky Leekx on New Years Eve. ”vicky leekx mixtape coming new years eve! layin bad minds to rest 2010!” Despite releasing a mediocre album this year (/\/\/\Y/\) and poor concert performances, we are still interested in what M.I.A. has to offer. No further details have been given about the mixtape but if it’s anything like some of the recent Diplo and Blaqstarr tracks (1234) shes been leaking through various websites, it could be a banger. Keyword: Could.” –S.K.o.A.

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(Music): Kanye’s New Album Awarded 5 Stars by Rolling Stone

“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is his most maniacally inspired music yet, coasting on heroic levels of dementia, pimping on top of Mount Olympus. Yeezy goes for the grandeur of stadium rock, the all-devouring sonics of hip-hop, the erotic gloss of disco, and he goes for all of it, all the time. Nobody halfway sane could have made this album… on Fantasy, he gets ridiculously maximal, blowing past all the rules of hip-hop and pop, even though, for the past half-decade, he’s been the one inventing the rules…It’s his best album, but it’s more than that – it’s also a rock-star manifesto for a downsizing world. At a time when we all get hectored about lowering our expectations, surrendering our attention spans, settling for less, West wants us to demand more.” -Rolling Stone

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in stores November 22nd!

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(TV/Music): Saigon Returning to Entourage?

“Saigon was a guest on The Morning After With Angela Yee today and said following the release of his album Greatest Story Never Told next year, he may reprise his role for the final season of the HBO series, Entourage. Sai appeared on the show during the second season.” –B.Dot

You can also check out the new music video for Saigon’s “You Make Me Sick”, directed by Derek Pike, after the jump.

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(Music): Kanye West & Jay-Z Releasing Full Length Album

That Watch the Throne EP that was announced by the 2 hip-hop heavyweights is now becoming a full length album: “We putting out a whole album now. We had done five [songs] so far, but then a few of them kind of were out there, and I put them on my album. Sorry, Jay. But we got some more, and we’re going to the South of France at the end of the month to just record new ideas. But we’ll probably be done with the album in a day.” -Kanye West

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in stores November 23rd. Jay-Z’s Decoded book, in stores November 16th.

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(Movies): First Look at Chris Evans as Captain America


Entertainment Weekly’s film synopsis: “The year is 1942, and Steve Rogers is a scrawny lad who desperately wants to fight Nazis for his country but can’t because he’s been deemed physically unfit. His fate — and his physique — is radically transformed when he signs up for Project: Rebirth, a secret military operation that turns wimps into studs using drugs and assorted sci-fi hoo-ha. There’s a love interest (Major Peggy Carter, played Haley Atwell), there’s a sidekick (Bucky Barnes, played by Sebastian Stans), and there’s the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving), Hitler’s treacherous head of advanced weaponry, whose own plan for world domination involves a magical object known as The Tesseract (comic fans know it better as The Cosmic Cube).”

Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters July 22, 2011.

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(Movies): Mark Wahlberg Cast in Family Guy Creators’ First Film

The picture pretty much says it all: we are about to witness the greatest movie of all time! “Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is making his directorial feature debut with  (also referred to before by the title ), a hard-R, $65 million(!) comedy from Universal Pictures about a man whose teddy bear comes to life and turns out to be a partying, womanizing, video game-playing pot smoker.” –/Film

Wahlberg can next be seen in David O. Russels’  The Fighter which is in theaters this December.