(Music/News): New Beastie Boys Album Due In Spring!

“Last week, Mike D.’s wife, director Tamra Davis, revealed on her blog that the Beastie Boys were back in the studio mixing their new record. Now the rappers have revealed officially that new music is on the way next Spring. The band will hold off releasing Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 — which was delayed due to Adam Yauch’s battle with cancer — and instead release a disc titled Hot Sauce Committee Part 2. “Although we regret to inform you that ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part 1’ will continue to be delayed indefinitely, ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part 2’ will be released on time as originally planned in Spring of 2011,” the band posted on their site.Both albums have been two years in the making. In June 2009, Mike D. talked about The Beastie Boys’ plans to release Hot Sauce in two parts. “Part 1 had too many songs, so we recorded some more songs,” he said in an interview. “Which sounds bizarre but it actually worked out, because it made it clear to us which songs were going to be on Part 1.” –Spin


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