(Music): SPIN’s 20 Best Songs of Summer 2010

Arcade Fire, Gucci Mane, Dom, Robyn (clockwise from top left)

“These days, most of us create our own playlists, switching from the radio (commercial or satellite or Internet) to iPods to other listening gizmos, and as a result, the variety of songs emanating from our vehicles (or bedrooms or headphones) is far greater than before, though for some reason overly customized SUVs do tend to crank Drake’s “Find Your Love.” So as the season ends, SPIN’s list of 2010’s Best Summer Songs is not a survey of the undeniable (sorry Taio Cruz). It’s a mixed bag of what we embraced, willingly, without being subjected to excessive force.” –SPIN

You can read the full list, which includes Snoop Dogg, Kid Cudi, Das Racist, M.I.A., The Black Keys, Robyn, Wavves, Kanye West, and more, at SPIN’s 20 Best Songs of Summer

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