Yelawolf x Complex (Interview)

Heres a great interview that Complex did with Yelawolf where he discusses his come-up, his “drug days”, why he started rapping, and how he went from being homeless to court side with the President of Interscope Records.

Complex: Was there something that happened at 18 that made you feel like you had to stop doing drugs?

YelaWolf: Yeah, I had did a shitload of acid, mushrooms, and I had this trip that wouldn’t go away. It was like a few days! I got scared. That was off of this shit called “pyramid,” which was like these gel caps… liquid mescaline, just some crazy “white boy” shit. They looked like little black diamonds. I had two, but I took them within an hour. I was fucking tripping balls, as they say. [Laughs.] Anyway, I got off bad off them, and then I went to Alabama, and my boys were like, “Do some mushrooms!” I was like, “I’m telling you man, last time I had a fucked-up experience.” They said, “They ain’t the same! They ain’t the same!” And then I took these fucking things. I swear to you dog, I must have tripped for months.

Full interview plus key Yelawolf songs @ Interview: How YelaWolf Went From Being Homeless To Sitting Courtside With Jimmy Iovine

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