Game – The R.E.D. Room (Mixtape)

Download The R.E.D. Room (Mixtape). Game’s The R.E.D. Album in stores 6.15.10. (The “400 Bars” Skeemix below is Game’s freestyle over a whole bunch of beats instead of a 30 minute track over “Exhibit C”.) Tracklist after the jump.

MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD: The R.E.D. Room (Mixtape)

SINGLE DOWNLOADS: Game – 400 Bars (Skeemix) | Game – Shake (TRV$ Remix) | Game – It Must Be Me (prod. The Neptunes)


2 responses to “Game – The R.E.D. Room (Mixtape)

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  2. Nice post. I’m looking for new ideas for my game sites and I found this blog. I believe that with HTM5, there will be an upheaval of the current market even if actionscript will maintain its current share (IMHO), as well as traditional games on optical media (PC Games etc..)

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